Medical Records

When requesting that your medical records be released, please be aware that certain fees may apply.

Learn more about Georgia’s regulated medical record fees as posted on the Georgia Unannotated Code 31-33-3:

“The party requesting patient’s records shall be responsible to the provider for the reasonable costs of copying and mailing the patient’s record.  The actual cost of postage incurred in mailing the requested records may also be charged.”

Current Rates for Record Requests

Item Note Cost
Search, retrieval, and other direct administrative costs Up to: $25.88
Certification fee Up to per record: $9.70
Copying Costs for records in paper form Per Page Cost
1-20 $0.97
21-100 $0.83
Over 100 $0.66

Note: Rates do not apply to records requests necessary to make or complete an application for a disability benefits program.